2017 Project Presentations

An excuse to make stupid things the weekend of June 24, 2017 in Cambridge, MA. See you in 2018!


“Prize” “Categories”

  • Small-batch bespoke data
  • Dogmented reality
  • Compostable infrastructure
  • Fire means it’s working
  • Psychological projection mapping
  • Infrastructure as a disservice
  • Artificial counter-intellgience
  • "Horizontal applications"
  • Peter Thiel traps
  • Slacktivism
  • Shallow learning
  • Dubious body mods
  • Fireside chat bots
  • Covert dev ops
  • Interdimensional printing
  • Mindlessness apps
  • Web 2.N0


Cambridge Innovation Center in Kendall

5th floor of the Cambridge Innovation Center
1 Broadway
in Cambridge, MA (Near the Kendall T stop)


Saturday June 24

1pm — doors open

2pm — kickoff

2pm - 11pm — hacking

Sunday June 25

9am - 5pm — hacking continues

5:30pm - 8pm — presentations

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Code of conduct

Contact the organizers

Journalists are welcome, but please ask permission when taking photos of participants and projects.

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Thanks to our sponsor, the Cambridge Innovation Center